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Parimal Projects creates a strategic alliance with MCC Group London for providing the full range of Mobile Hospital Units product line in India. more...

Parimal Projects has been selected as the Primary Project Management Consultants for providing Healthcare Infrastructure Planning for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Manipur . more...

Hospital Designing and Architecture

Healthcare architecture differs from that of other building types in the complexity of the functional relationships between the various parts of the hospital. In residential and commercial building types, the design brief is relatively easy to understand and cater to. Healthcare architecture, however, requires specialized knowledge on the part of the architect and the supporting engineering team. Lack of such expertise & inputs during the planning, designing and construction stage can result in a highly cost in-effective and inefficient health-care facility.

Eventually, it is the patient & the regular users of the building who bear the brunt of this incompetence through lack of quality in the medical care offered, physical and mental discomfort and increased cost of hospitalization.


Hospital Building & Facility Design

Equipment Planning



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